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If You Have Artistic Talent, the Graphic Arts Field May be Perfect for You
Most Entry Level Jobs Need a Certain Amount of Formal Education
Most Employers Don’t Require a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree
Smart Students Can Quickly Learn What they Need to Get That First Job


Is a career in graphic arts right for you?

You may well completely change your life from simply sketching on a piece of paper at house as a leisure activity to getting hired in a job in commercial art by taking a handful of courses in visual arts and design. The job choices for inventive women and men with some computer and technology expertise has never been more enticing.

And whether you choose to work with a big design agency or just open up shop as a freelance worker, you may love using your artistic talents in the business market and receiving a good salary.

Visual Art and Design Work Profiles
Cleveland OH students in a lecture hall Graphical designers utilize computer illustration software packages to construct functional artwork for a diverse range of organization communications. Design advisors strategize over the cognitive, ethnic, physical, and societal elements of their specific target market as they plan and convey visual messages.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics claims that hiring of design specialists is planned to go up by about 10 percent or so during this upcoming ten years. And so there could possibly be 30,000 additional employment opportunities through 2022. The ideal spaces will go to applicants who have some formal school classes and actual experience dealing with Online web pages and interactive media content.

Training Programs and Degree Options
Entry jobs within this line of business frequently want students with some formal study in essential fine art and design. The National Association of Schools of Art and Design acknowledges over 200 post-secondary establishments with programs by which enrollees can earn an associate, bachelor’s, or even graduate degree in design.

Generally, enrollees typically enroll in extensive classes in the most-used industry proprietary software applications that manage photos and drawings, such as programs made by Microsoft and Adobe. Sessions are available to participants in both of the online and customary campus models, with each method for study possesses its own drawbacks and positive factors.

What exactly is my initial action?
Cincinnati OH pupils gathering outdoors on a covered patio area Construct your imaginative future with a strong education at a campus in your city. Or even work on your diploma when and how you wish by taking part in web-based classes.

Earning your degree will take energy and work, but you can still make it happen even with your existing schedule.

You may take one minute and check out some potential schools.

These schools offer degree programs:

Matching School Ads
  • Full Sail’s curriculum combines elements of creativity, art, business and life skills, technical prowess, and academic achievement.
  • Full Sail offers accelerated programs, so a degree that would normally take four years takes 24 months on average.
  • Students work with industry-standard tools and technologies, allowing them to gain practical knowledge and real-world experience.
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  • Graphic Design, Bachelor of Science (Online)
  • Web Design and Development, Bachelor of Science (Online)
  • Game Design, Bachelor of Science (Online)
  • And more...
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  • Design & Technical Graphics (BS)
  • Graphic & Web Design (BFA)
  • Graphic Design (AS)
  • And more...
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