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Community College of Aurora

• The Community College of Aurora is located in Aurora, Colorado.

• It was founded in the year 1983 and established in the year 1985. It is affiliated under the Colorado Community College System.

• CCA is mainly parted into two locations, one being the Centre Tech Campus in Aurora and one being the Lowry Campus in Denver.

• CCA provides opportunities of lifelong education. It seeks to prepare workforce of present and that of future and extends its services and learning to varied regions by promoting high class education in the most excellent way of learning and teaching.

• An average of 10,000 students enroll every year in the CCA and the student-faculty ratio is 19:1, so for every 19 students there is 1 qualified faculty member for guidance.

• The CCA is a unique college with students of over 100 different countries being its part.

• On the education note, there are over 40 certificates and degrees from which students can choose the most suitable one for themselves. Most prominent ones are:
1. Associate of Science Degree Programs
2. Associate of Arts Degree Programs
3. Associate of General Studies Degree Programs
4. Associate of Applied Sciences Degree Programs

• There are some other signature programs of CCA:
1. Colorado Film School
2. School of Business
3. Emergency Medical Service Program
4. Paralegal program (approved by American Bar Association)

• The flexibility of the college with respect to the student's suitability is the timing and location factor, CCA provides classes by the way of traditional classroom lectures in evening/weekends, hybrid and online classes also "open entry classes" that commence every week.

• Another special feature of the CCA is the guidance it provides to the student with a futuristic approach of suitable employment by the preparing the students for the same.

• The Educational mission of CCA is fulfilled by the support system provided by The Office of Student Life. It supports, fosters, leads and facilitates positive citizenship. Services under the same are:
1. Free events and activities
2. Clubs, organizations and other recreational activities
3. Books Scholarships
4. Resources for Health and Wellness
5. Identification for students
6. Housing facilities on or off campus
7. SAB - Students Activity Board

• CCA provides a safe and healthy environment and creates a feeling of security in the minds of students by monitoring periodically the campus and patrolling every area of the campus The Motto of CCA is "Go beyond the Books".

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