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The Graphic Arts Field is a Great Option for Anyone with Art Talent
A Creative Individual Needs Just a Little Formal Education to get Started
Students Don't Necessarily Need a Four-Year BFA Degree
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You can transform your life from sketching on paper at home as a hobby to working in a job in commercial art by taking some classes in graphic arts and design. The job market for creative individuals with high-tech skills has never been more attractive.

And whether you choose to work with a design firm or go as a freelancer, you’ll love using your artistic talent in the business world and receiving a competitive salary.

Graphic Arts and Design Career Profile
Study group finishing up a projectGraphic artists use illustration software to create visual images for a variety of business communications. Design professionals strategize over the cognitive, cultural, physical, and social factors of their target audience as they design and convey visual information.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that employment of graphic designers is projected to increase by 10 percent in the coming decade. So there could potentially be 30,000 new jobs through 2020. The choice opportunities will go to candidates with formal school training and experience working with Internet web pages, interactive media and multimedia.

Training and Degree Options
Entry-level positions in this field typically require formal study in basic art and design. The National Association of Schools of Art and Design accredits about 250 post secondary institutions with programs where students can earn an associate’s, bachelor’s, or master’s degree in graphic design.

In addition, students typically take comprehensive courses in various proprietary software packages that manipulate drawings and photos, such as those produced by Adobe and Microsoft. Courses are available to students in both the distance learning and traditional campus formats, and each method of study has its own set of benefits.

What’s the First Step?
College students heading to their next classBuild your creative future with an education from a campus near you. Or work for your degree when and where you want by attending online classes.

Earning your degree requires work, but you can still make it happen around your current schedule.

See our short list of good schools and classes around the country.

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